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eD2K links:
Program files: ed2k://|file|beba%202.72%20bin.7z|2402674|45C542DC3A506DA5BC09D3028665BE52|h=CLJ6ZXJXSYWFWZW2K3RRGLPFWQDCTINP|/
Source code: ed2k://|file|beba%202.72%20src.7z|2007465|CBDAE6C278B4B03E7B8BEDCC7A033EED|h=D4YEN3R5EQ7HQGJBHFWQQXLH44ZCQM7T|/

Known beba mirrors (not always up-to-date):
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Current beta version:
Beta and testing packages of new beba releases will be published in beba support boards incontinuously and are available on request.
Caution: All testing versions are intended for testing purposes only and should not be used regularly, as they may contain heavy bugs. Therefore, testing reports and statistics are highly appreciated!

Webserver templates:
The files needed for using beba's built-in web interface are usually not contained in the binary archives; download them here. Just extract them into your beba root directory!

The MediaInfo.dll file adds support for additional tag formats like FLAC and WavPack to eMule beba. If you want to use these functions, get the newest DLL file here and extract it into your beba root directory.

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eMule help file:
A new version of eMule's help file (emule.chm) is available from the eMule Content Database.
Please note that that file does not contain help for beba's very own extensions, so this is what this website is for.

nodes.dat / server.met:
These files are required for your first connection to the eD2K (server.met) respectively Kad (nodes.dat) network.
Before you can use eMule beba, they have to be placed in your config/ directory.
You can obtain recent versions of these files from here.

beba user bars:
There's a user bar, yet.

Just right-click on it to save it onto your hard disk and/or to copy its address.
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