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eMule beba - Documentation

beba is, as I already told you, an eMule modification. This means: beba is an eMule version extended by many new features.


Why "beba"?

"beba" has its origins in the self-named
baby meal. When I was asking for a funny eMule name to use, I did receive some suggestions, but "TuxMule" didn't fit my needs, and anything like "Extreme" already exists...

In fact, "beba" wasn't only the second choice. Not only a baby meal can be "easy to handle".

And, of course, there are some personal reasons for the name...


Originally beba was concepted as a "light" eMule version, only with some IMHO unneeded functions like the WAP interface and the TextToSpeech engine. But after some weeks there were some completely new features to be put in. Here's some overview of the most important ones:

Switching to beba

If you've been using another mod until now, you should know that
SUQWT may corrupt the file clients.met; you have to use the file clients.met.SUQWTv2.met instead, if available.

Configuration help

beba newbies who don't know how to handle beba's options and features can find a detailed descriptions of beba's tweaks
! I only explain beba's special options and settings! For information about official eMule features you should have a look at the official eMule FAQ.
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